Japanese Bobtails

GC, BW, RW Gulfcats Fujimaro
National Best of Breed in 2003-04
Gulf Shore Region's 6th Best Cat 2003-04

Black and white male
Photo by Helmi

My name is Toni Huff. Several years ago my husband, Paul, and I founded Gulfcats quite simply because we love animals, especially cats. We used to breed and raise horses, but found them impractical around the house. Our furniture was trampled. And, they left an awful mess in dining room.

Seriously, we did raise horses, but our love of pedigree cats took over. In the beginning we loved & raised Tonkinese and after a short while we both fell in love with the Japanese Bobtail breed and decided to make them a part of our own special cats. 

So we came to have two breeds to love & cherish; and for many years we raised both Tonks and JBT, achieving many regional and national wins with both breeds. But as time passes, and as we get older, a time comes when you have to decide how much time and energy you can put into maintaining a quality environment for your cats.

So thatís why we have decided to retire our Tonkinese breeding program and to focus our energy on our Japanese Bobtail program with an emphasis on developing a longhair JBT program of our own. With the help of several established Japanese Bobtail breeders we have continued showing JBTís, both longhair and shorthair. 

Raising, showing and loving cats has been our lives for a long time now and will continue to be as long as we are able. As you look through our site, see if you might want to have one of these affectionate and elegant cats for yourself.

Toni receiving the Nokomo Trophy for Highest Scoring JBT Championship Cat 
at the 2013-14 Annual JBT Awards show in St. Louis, MO. 
This was for GC Gulfcats Sheldon Cooper.

Gulfcats no longer breeds Tonkinese, if you are interested in locating a Tonkinese breeder near you please see the following for a list of breeders: http://www.tonkinesebreedassociation.org/Referrals.htm#breeders

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